Blue Labyrinths


Blue Labyrinths is your home for literature, philosophy, film, and art. Our aim is to introduce interesting ideas that contribute to, and challenge, contemporary thought at a grass roots level. Don’t get lost.

Matt Bluemink | Founder/Editor

Matt is a philosopher and writer from London. His main interests are the connections between philosophy, literature, technology and culture. He is based in Isidora, IC and has a burgeoning interest in the concept of cities and urbanism.

Alba Noguera | Co-editor

Alba is a philosopher from Palma de Mallorca. Her main areas of research are contemporary philosophy, literature, critical posthumanism, and feminist studies. She is based in Amsterdam and loves thinking about rhizomes, cyborgs, and other forms of becoming.


Conor Reid


Hiroshi Satow

Sjeord van Wijk



If you have any inquiries or you’ve had a look at the articles on the site and think you might be interested in writing for us send an email to bluelabyrinths@gmail.com with a writing sample and any questions you might have about the site. I’ll try and get back to you within a day or two. We look forward to working with you!

“Among the ancient elements, blue occurs everywhere: in ice and water, in the flame as purely as in the flower, overhead and inside caves, covering fruit and oozing out of clay.” 

  • William H. Gass

“There is no need to build a labyrinth when the entire universe is one.”

  • Jorge Luis Borges


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