Do things not seem quite what they were before? Can’t put a finger on it? Didn’t Rosalyn Carter die? No. Does the wolf really lie down with the lamb in the Bible? Wasn’t that the lion? What’s going on? We are left with fixed Super Bowls for cereal, and altered air, water, corn, toothpaste and deodorant. These entertainments are possible because the world and people vibrate at higher and lower rates. Anybody who figures out how to fix (freeze) the vibrations alters them. Stops them. A car revving outside the door alters your world. Whether these alterations come from colliding particles at CERN (Patch) or from the isolation (freezing) of particles in the quantum computers that govern them (High) is moot. Quantum computers send information (combinatoral equations/problems) into another dimension to get an answer/solution back from such unknowns. This makes HUMAN CULTURE OBSOLETE.

Quantum annealing designs and runs all the super intelligent stratagems of the global elite. It’s not just that the super computers of Utah and NSA gather the habits of the herd. The data is then linked to questions like:

Which items and subjects should be altered for best Effect?

What alterations are noticed by POPulation and to what extent?

What reactions will this cause and what communication of effects?

 These are open to programming cause and effect. The “questions” and answers, are expressed in combinatorial optimization sent through the portals to identify optimal targets for alteration in the world algorithm when the answer is returned. This means you will see what the algorithm wants you to see and only that [unless!] The cause of change disappears but the alteration remains. Imposed from without, not from within, the series of depravities observed in the Experiments are received through this portal.

Dimensions are altered by immersing their aquarium in another via a pulse 2 dilution refrigerator. Its creators like to call it an “altar to an alien god” so describe it as a “giant black monolith” of 10x12ft. It sounds like those obelisks found in wild Utah desert.  This super refrigerated black box generates close to Absolute zero and pulses once a second, like a heartbeat. Its makers love to pretend it is alive. Its chip, the size of a thumbnail, accesses 2 mutually exclusive states at same time (standard quantum particle and wave), which states are identical except for value of a qubit. In Quantum Computing, each qubit doubles, 2^500, 2 to the 500, doubling the number of qubits each year. WARNING: you have to believe all this and that science is a higher power because

The more intelligent the entity the larger its neocortex

therefore the more likely its deception.

—This maxim from Liespotting describes Intelligence. Popular culture, religion, history, science are all altered by programming. The Portals areforged millisecond openings to alter human awareness. Saying human implies there is another kind, a nonhuman. Human however means already built in:

His will, blessed be He, confers upon man the power to free or to stop [to open or to close] thousands of myriads of forces and worlds, on account of all the detail and all the levels of his conduct and all his perpetual concerns, thanks to the superior root of his deeds, words and thoughts, as if man too were the master of the forces that command these worlds (Levinas, Beyond the Verse, 160).

Just to add one note aboutthese 2 mutually exclusive states at same time. For all their brain power the machines cannot grasp how a human can get this, but it is a built-in commonplace of negative capability.

2. Back to Portals

–The future walks through the past and the present and leaves a trail. The past is costumed, dressed up. The present is shadowy with sightings of the future, but when the future  arrives it too is dressed with what we think we know. Dress up the new, but it is costumed in the old. It looks like we don’t know any of them. We think we know and feel the present but it is gone fast. We forget the present and our memory of it, which is what we call the present, but by then is the past. If you were to catch the future walking on the roof of the present built on top of the past it might appear as a series of decisions, timings. To post date your losses to the next new year, so gain equals loss, is a technicality of book keeping, but it is also a bow to Rome the way government counts time as if January were really the first month of creation. But it is the fourth!

 These fictions of time, physics and geography compare to the classical shrines and anti-shrines of the Renaissance heaven, earth and hell (in the Inferno, Faerie Queene, Paradise Lost). These fictions of time, fictionally seen, are forced micro-second nano openings between dimensions, ie. Myth. That is, there are multiple simultaneous layers to time that also permeate political life. In this layer of the stratagem of opposite controls Prince Charles bemoans populism and compares it to the Nazi state when the Windsor family was the most pro-Nazi of all Europe. We should not speak of two sides of a quantum, for a quantum has four. But just to humor our disability inherited from Hegel where we only speak of two sides that are opposites, on this side of the quantum, the 3D side, the facetious is the real. That means that everything authorities say is a deception. When Obama says Americans should be alarmed at the Russian hacking they should really be alarmed at Obama hacking. Reversals and substitutions of invention for fact demolish and diminish the popular mind and reason by fear, and are meant to. This is done on every level and speed using the Adibatic Quantum Computer (AQC) made by D-Wave.

Given that none of this is true and if we say this model of the “real world” is a duplicate reality running in sentient Quantum computing sacrifices each morning of each person among 7 billion to reproduce a “node” it is a 3D mainstream delivering anesthetic.

3. Names are substituted with waivers (avatars) in Sentient World Simulation.

Alternative realities ripple the globe to create reality for each person as within a river, a “mirror” of their entire world. This is an immersion. POP in these cases means both population and the popular culture anesthetic.

To outwardly express these inclusions and occultations of text and belief, Portals are the tool to program predictive algorithms. Call the MANDELA EFFECT a Quantum Computing Artificial Intelligence that alters data.

Corruption of Text in the Palimpsest

As data is altered in texts in books, designs of art, iconic moments, memory becomes the last impediment of alternation. Beyond the altered continuum the lion still lies down with the lamb in memory, but not in the text, to cite the most obvious example of Mandela portals in quantum substitution. It now reads wolf for lion. Literature is naive, art superfluous to these techniques. When written texts are corrupted tradition persists. Memory is then outside the machined and Mainstream text. The loss of this memory is what Zarathustra observed in Pied Cow. But back to the oral. Where and how memory is stored is the interest of a new oral age. The corruption of text made invisible or changed also profoundly revisits and affects the layers of palimpsest.

4. A qubit is a vertical and horizontal polarization in a two-state quantum-mechanical system. In a classical system, a bit would have to be in one state or the other. Quantum mechanics allows the qubit to be in a superposition of both states at the same time.

Quantum annealing stabilizes these quantum states. Both coherence and decoherence allow the qubits to function in combination in both states of superposition. Hence a technical negative capability is achieved, but not a real one, because the contradictions must be resolved in the final step of optimization. The human does not have to resolve any contradiction to operate. No need to quote Whitman. It is part of our nature. St Paul called it the spirit and the flesh. But quantum annealing must combine all probable solutions to a given problem and insert them into parallel dimensions. It projects a 99.99% accuracy in this optimalization.

Among Quantum Practitioners, the number of 512 qubits equals 7 billion human brains, to be superseded by the present 2048 qubits on a chip at the adiabatic capacity presently at CERN.  Singularity of these orbs surpassed a society where 60 democrats don’t attend the inaugural of their own government and tales of catastrophes and assassinations spew from narratives in case they do pull off a continuity of government, or some other, maybe a doctored vote. Almost no news orgs attend these third world reality dissonances.

Even more outlandish would be the connection of CERN with the poles of Saturn to release prisoners of the Black hole. That would be a welcome relief from the stupor running the streets. Of course this would all come as a surprise even if prepping is still to be done with the Discoveries in Antarctic, Want to be more outlandish even? Stable strangelets accumulate to assemble a neutron star at earth’s core. You know what a neutron star does? Prior to any of these putative effects the antipodal disruptions on the earth opposite CERN, meaning New Zealand, are the place where these effects might reasonably be searched, New Zealand and Antarctica.


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